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‘Unwritten Pages’ is the current name of a project by a friend of mine, Fred Epe. Since it’s his project, I thought I’d let him do the talking ;-)

Davy and Fred Epe from Unwritten Pages Good day, strangers!
- Watakushi-wa Fred Epe, desu.
I doubt any of you know me and I doubt my name will get a significant amount of recognition anytime soon. Honestly, that’s the last thing I care about. I did not come here to tell you long tales about myself - instead, allow me to tell you a little about the thing I have been working on for quite some time now.
Concept albums – we all know them! Some of us love them; some of us love some of them. From classics such as Tommy to modern productions of bands the likes of Pain of Salvation (The Perfect Element) and projects such as Ayreon (Into the Electric Castle) – if you like concepts, there’s definitely something out there for you. I have always been a huge fan of movies. I got at least as many movies as I got CDs (I spent way too much on those in the past, and it’s likely not going to change in the future either).
About two years ago, I started working on a science-fiction storyline. I knew that there were quite a few sci-fi based albums out there and great ones too, mind you! Instead of approaching a 70’s-like theme, I started writing based on what had influenced me so much when I grew up: science-fiction movies from the 80’s, such as The Terminator and Aliens (yes, I really do prefer this one over Alien), videogames from the early 90’s (both visually and acoustically; I am sure the Super Nintendo and games like Doom ring a bell) and of course a whole lot of music, covering most genres and ranging from the 70’s to recent releases.
A first draft of the storyline (which was about twenty pages long) was finished rather quickly but it took me a couple of rewritings until I was satisfied with the result. Then in 2005, I started writing the music. I deliberately wrote the script first, since it had always been my intention to base the music on a strong story with a number of main characters and not the other way round. Along the way, I met and talked to a number of interesting and great musicians and singers about this.
Davy is one of those musicians. A friend of mine had introduced me to him and I decided to contact him and tell him about the whole project. I still remember reading his first email: there was a Stream of Passion link on the bottom of his reply, so naturally I checked it out. Not only was I able to check out some great mp3 samples and a video – Davy also turned out to work with Arjen Lucassen. I mean, come on! I am talking Arjen “Maestro” Lucassen! This guy had to be good! I played him some of the music and he was very enthusiastic about it and thought it was cool and worth working with (which in return I thought was pretty damn cool). I went to see Stream of Passion during one of their rehearsals and also saw their last show in Verviers. If the rehearsal had not been any indication of his skills, the gig in Verviers sure as hell was! Davy not only turned out to be a superb studio drummer and a true professional on stage (I was well impressed with him and the band); he also has a great ear for music in general. Davy and I really understand each other, both musically and personally and we became good friends.
Well, I am happy to say that I almost wrapped up writing all the music and that it shouldn’t be long from now until we can get into all the remaining details as well as drum arrangements.
I would like to thank all the people who actually read through this as well as Davy for all the cool ideas and especially for helping me out! Cheers! Stay tuned for more news, including a brand-new homepage for this project!
Even if you’d wish to share some thoughts or any kind of interest in this project feel free to email me at: fred.epe@gmail.com
Peace and out!