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The past few months have been full of surprises for me. Everything started with the fact that my girlfriend is pregnant. We hadnt planned it, but we were both happily surprised. We had been talking about having kids, but never that serious. Now suddenly it all became real. Were expecting our first baby in september 2009.

The new Stream Of Passion album is coming out soon and along with that came a lot of tour dates. This year is full of opportunities for SoP. Things they should really go for. With all these exciting plans there was no way for me to keep combining my private life, my school, my work and my bands. Ive thought about every possibility, but in the end it came to this. At first it literally made me sick. It took some time to ease my mind, but eventually I had to give it a rest.

I wish all Stream Of Passion members the best of luck and lots of love, including the whole crew and of course the new drummer, Martijn Peters. Id like to give a huge amount of love and respect to all the people that supported me in any way during my SoP era. My friends, my family and a very special thanks to all the fans !!! I found a mail overload in my mailbox today, so I guess you know where to find me ;-)

Stream on !

The new Storm - update - 16-06-2007
S.o.P. has recently completed their new line-up with some great new musicians. At this moment the band is working on a new album. The release and a new tour are expected by the end of this year!

Website Update - 16-06-2007
The 'Download' section has been updated with several interesting photo albums, for those who like to see what happens on and off stage.

The new Storm - 20-03-2007
Hi everyone! Some news from the SoP Front =)

A lot has happened since our last newsfact. Currently we're extremely busy writing new material and we are happy to inform you that within a few weeks we've already gathered more than enough material for about half an album. What's always been special about SoP is the intercontinental webbased writing process, which we now again are using with success.

From Mexico Marcela has been writing and recording a lot of melody lines and music, which she then sends to Holland where Davy and Johan contribute their parts. The overall feel of the new music is heavy, inspirational and still the recognizable SoP twist and we are very excited about it!

Of course we're also really busy with looking for new musicians and already have a lot of options for the new guitarplayer(s) and a keyboardplayer. During next month we will be having the first try outs. If you're interested and have the skills and experience, send us your cv including music/video/photo's via this mail: tryoutsopATgmail.com (replace AT with a @)

We will be back in short notice with more and exciting news, so stay tuned and be ready to embrace the new storm!

Marcela, Davy and Johan

Streaming on! - March 2007
Hi everyone,
Since our last tour we've received a lot of inquires about the future of SoP. As you may have heard on the Ayreon website, Arjen has been going through a very rough period on in his life; he has decided to quit the band and focus entirely on his new Ayreon album, which we know for sure will be a huge success so good luck with it, Arjen!

Besides Arjen, Lori and Alejandro have also decided to part ways and focus on their own personal lives and musical projects. We, the rest of the SoPies, wish the three of them all the success and happiness in the world.

HOWEVER THIS BY NO MEANS THE END OF THE BAND! The rest of us are extremely motivated to continue this beautiful story called Stream of Passion and give it a more than positive future, like we think it deserves. We are already busy writing music for a new album, so soon you'll hear more about our future plans and musical ideas. Stay tuned!

New Photoshoot Davy Mickers online at MaXxive Website - February 2007
MaXxive Media has uploaded some of the pictures they shot with Davy Mickers early 2006. Go to the MaXxive Website and tell us what you think!

Important News about the SOP fan-meeting - January 2007
To all people who were planning to attend the S.o.P. Fan Meeting:

The band would like to take this opportunity to inform you all, knowing that this information might be of important influence in making your decision whether or not to come to the Fan Meeting. Especially for those who are planning to come from abroad !

Unfortunately there is no possibility for making the meeting an official fan meeting. Due to obligations the bands presence can not be guaranteed. So we want to make clear that the bands presence should not be your main reason to come to the meeting.

Tickets are still available, so if you still feel like sharing an afternoon amongst other S.o.P. fans, please don't feel discouraged by this message.

Those of you who have already bought a ticket will receive an email with all information that could be of importance in any way.

SOP Fan Meeting - January 2007
For all you fans who can't get enough of Stream Of Passion: There will be a SoP Fan Meeting on January 28 between 14:00 and 17:00 in 'De Peppel' in Zeist (NL)!

This meeting allows all fans to come together, have a chat and share your passion for SoP with other fans. But there's more! You can expect things like: unofficial backstage video footage of several S.o.P. shows, exclusive give aways, a short live set of the S.o.P. Tribute Band: 'Team Of Passion', AND Stream Of Passion will be there too!

You can get your tickets by sending an email (incl. name, city, adress) to: jcroy@tiscali.nl. Please add 'S.o.P. Meet' in the subject of your email. You will receive an email back with all the info you need.

Tickets cost 5,- and access to the venue is limited, so don't wait till tomorrow, order your tickets now !!! Order Tickets

Video Gallery and (temporarily) intro movie updated! - December 2006
As you've probably seen, the intro movie has been temporarily replaced with the making of (blooper) intro-video! Please let us know what you think on the forum!
Besides that, some extra movies have been added to the movie gallery. Davy's first recordings for Unwritten pages.

New Tourdates for Stream of Passion - December 2006
New Tourdates for Stream of Passion are acknowledged. This will probably be the last time you will be able to see them perform live. So check out the agenda and see where you can meet Stream of Passion live on stage!

Davy enters Excess studios for Unwritten Pages - September 27th 2006
After initial attempts to record Davy's drums, both Fred and Davy weren't satisfied with how the recordings turned out; they decided that it was neither the sound, nor the circumstances they were looking for to pull it off. However, July was far from being a month of failure: the recording session turned out to be a pool of useful information and directions of where they want to take the drums and thus a fundamental structure for the album.

In the week of October 16th, Unwritten Pages entered Excess studios in Rotterdam, which should offer them all the fine qualities they require in order to make the drums sound huge and kickin'. After having applied the trial and error method for some time now, this also officially marks the start of the album production.

Stream of Passion in Mexico City on October 14th 2006 - September 11th 2006
On October 14th 2006, Stream of Passion will be performing one night only in Mexico City. The show will take place at Circo Volador. Other bands performing that night are Xandria and Anathema. Finally, Stream of Passion will play live in the homecountry of Marcela, Alejandro and Diana.
Just click on the link if you want to order tickets online!
Ordering Tickets

Davy in Slagwerkkrant 135 Sept-Okt 2006 - September 1 2006
An article about Davy's drumming with Stream Of Passion is published in Dutch drummagazine Slagwerkkrant. It's a short interview about Davy's speed career until now. There's also a nice review on the S.o.P. live DVD 'Live in the real world'. "Mickers both plays with his ears and muscels: tough and under control. Virtuosity without exagerating. A good example of the right drummer at the right spot." (Slagwerkkrant 135)

Unwritten Pages enter the studio - July 24 2006
The members of Unwritten Pages finally enter the studio for the actual production of their first album, Noah It's Davy's turn to kick off the show, starting wednesday July 26th. Visit the official Unwritten Pages website and stay tuned for upcoming studio updates, including pictures and audio/video snippets:

Davy Mickers featured on Drummerszone.com - July 24 2006
Davy Mickers has it's own profile on drummerszone.com (slagwerkwereld.com in Dutch). This site is well known amongst all drummers and drum-fans.
You can read Davy's profile, see some pictures and catch up with the latest news (which you already know, when you visit this site regularly).

Official Unwritten Pages website online - June 9th 2006
The rockopera project in which Davy (and S.o.P.'s Alejandro Mlan) is involved is now officially online. The current Unwritten Pages project is called (prt. I:) 'Noah'. There will be a Noah-section on the Unwritten Pages website soon, so check it out !
Unwritten Pages on DavyMickers.com

S.o.P.: release Live DVD announced
Great news for fans who were at the S.o.P. European Tour or fans who just can't get enough ;-) Summer 2006 will bring the release of the first Stream of Passion Live DVD, recorded during the European Tour (Jan./Feb. 2006). The live tracks will also be available on a separate CD.

S.o.P.: Summer Tour 2006 – festivals and venues
Stream of Passion will play at Graspop (www.graspop.be), Waldrock (www.waldrock.nl) and Bospop (www.bospop.nl). Besides these festivals the band will play at a few venues in Holland. ’t Paard van Troje (The Hague), Podium (Hardenberg) and De Kade (Zaandam). For all tourdates check the ‘Agenda’.

S.o.P.: "Out in the Real World" TMF Superclip
Stream of Passion's video clip for ‘Out in the Real World’ is this weeks Superclip on TMF (The Music Factory; a big Dutch TV music channel). The Dutch Mtv also plays the video every now and than. Even in Spain and Greece the video already got airplay.

S.o.P.: Single "Out in the Real World" out now
Stream of Passion's first (maxi-) single "Out in the Real World" is out now ! The single contains a radio edit of the title song and three previously unreleased tracks. Ayreon covers "Computer Eyes" and "Pain" followed by the Led Zeppelin cover "When the Levee Breaks". All three bonus tracks are S.o.P.-ized and contain backing vocals of guest singer Diana Bovio.

S.o.P.: European Tour 2006
The beginning of 2006 starts off with a European Tour for Stream of Passion ! The band will perform live throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Spain and Italy. As guest singer Marcela's sister, Diana Bovio, will do backing vocals. Support act will be Damian Wilson, known for his talented participations on several Ayreon productions.